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Is a cell phone camera equal to a professional camera?

We hear this question frequently or a statement to the effect that they are comparable. I hear it from strangers, friends, family, clients and colleagues. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. So, what’s the truth? I thought it might be helpful to do a little research and provide some honest answers. So today I sat down to type out this response. I mean, really, I have been doing photography a long time. I have seen the change from film to digital. From the darkroom to Photo Shop. I remember the days when some photographers were very resistant and sensitive about that new technology. I personally think it’s time we move away from the initial resistance of cell phones being considered a worthwhile camera in the photography world. They are here to stay and will only improve with time. In writing this I first needed to do a little research as anyone would. So, first I “Googled it”. I’m telling you I was very surprised at some of the articles I found. There are actu

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