Summer 2018 Update & NEW news!

I must say it has been a while since we've shared any new news.  So a bit of a progress update AND then some exciting new news.

We finally have started working on the studio space and will hopefully be complete before the snow flies up here this year.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this but we are converting an old grain bin on the farm and expect it to be very cool when it's finished.  I've picked out the interior walls, 2 windows and some really fun lighting.  Of course, there will be a nice dog bed so the boss can take naps in comfort between checking on my work.  I can't wait.
Future Black Dog's Studio

The new news.  We have decided to make some of our (non-photographic) dog art work available to the public for purchase.  Back when I was a teenager I began dabbling in art.  I have always found great enjoyment in the creation of a new vision.  Throughout the years I have learned many different artistic techniques from watercolor, drawing, liquid stained glass, found art and wood burning to name a few.  I enjoy incorporating nature in my work and remaking things into something beautiful and different than it's original intention.  I hope you will enjoy the addition of dog art work to our studio.

Keep eyes open for future updates and maybe a few samples of the dog art work.

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